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Apex News Updates

Apex Studio North/ South

by Dontavious Dixon on 10/12/20

With two locations one in Charlotte, NC and the other in Spartanburg, SC we are staying busy. Wondering who has been in the studio lately? Let’s take a look back to see if you notice anyone.

New Instrumental Alert!

“I’ll Show You” is now available for lease. We will be releasing more instrumentals in the next coming weeks. If you have request on certain genres that you would like to here just let us know by commenting on this blog. I’ll Show You: https://bsta.rs/f358d68b

Book Your Next Session Now

Apex Studio North: https://square.site/book/89XTPY9QACBVN/apex-studio-north-charlotte-nc

Apex Studio South: https://square.site/book/7CECB6SVEHFK9/apex-studio-south-spartanburg-sc

New Instrumentals Available

by Dontavious Dixon on 09/13/20

We will be releasing more instrumentals through out the next two weeks. Be on the look out for new material which may benefit your next project. So far we have 106 instrumentals online for purchase; which does not include our entire music archive. All of our instrumentals can be found here at Apex Studio or on our Beat Stars Page.

Apex Studio : Apex Studio Instrumentals

Beat Stars: Apex Studio on Beatstars

Really Want It (Music Video)

by Dontavious Dixon on 09/13/20

Really Want It by Mysteri Ray
Mysteri Ray releases another video titled "Really Want It" videograpgy by Apex Studio. Check out the video on Youtube: Really Want It

Dinner Has Been Served

by Dontavious Dixon on 09/10/20

Suhkuhtash Records brings you “Dinner Served”

Dinner has now been served. Mr Mel the Riddler releases new single “Diner Served” through Distrokid under the label Suhkuhtash Records. Its been a while since we have heard from him. Now with this release he shows thatbhe isn’t going no where. Check out the song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQE6OPDIleQ

We Going In...

by Dontavious Dixon on 09/09/20

It's all work and no play here at APEX. Lately we have been on a tear here at APEX. Our artist's (Apex and Mr Mel the Riddler) are gearing up to give you more music. So far Apex has released 2 singles "Do You Remember ft Porsha Boyd" and "Who Am I"; with a video to follow "Who Am I". The Riddler has an onslaught of new material from Mix tapes and his new up and coming untitled album. But don't think they are going to stop yet, because from what I have heard; the fun is just beginning.

"Do You Remember ft Porsha Boyd": https://open.spotify.com/album/2Ng1xjqHLPGChbHIAKAJFl?si=scH05lJMQPKnghHowrhZEA



"Who Am I": https://open.spotify.com/album/2TRyowVZsOXr88KuVqPR4K?si=pP7u8RqETumtJwnQDcFXhQ



"Who Am I" music video: https://youtu.be/EksYj-cb1IE

Videography by Apex Studio

Beat Stars

by Dontavious Dixon on 04/23/20

With CD Baby doing away with its artist pages Apex Studio is currently in the process of switching it's full catalog of instrumentals over to Beat Stars. Right now we have Apex Beats volumes 7 and 6 available. The prices on the instrumentals have changed as well as adding some bulk discounting for buying multiple instrumentals.

Check out the new look and feel of the new player/store and like always spread the word if you know people looking for beats/ instrumentals for their next project.

Afton SHows Winter Mixtape

by Dontavious Dixon on 03/18/20

MyAfton Winter Mixtape
Looks like Apex does it again once more by getting his song "Just Trying" on Aftons Winter Mixtape. The song was originally released on Apex's album titled "CRACK", but then was selected by Afton to be on their mixtape as well. If you let Apex tell it; this is just beginning.

Apex Records will be heating up the Fall

by Dontavious Dixon on 08/01/18

New-Studio-Logo_thumb.gif“CRACK EP”


We finally have a set release date for “CRACK” (Apex’s EP) which is set to release on September 1st 2018. Originally “CRACK” was supposed to be an full length album, but ended up being only an EP. Knowing Apex he has his reasons for this; but what exactly are they? Apex noted that the only thing left to work on for “CRACK” was just the visuals. Audio was complete and that he would do a re listen to see if any changes needed to be made, but overall the album cover is still being worked on and video shoots are in the process. Considered to be an emotional EP coming from the have fun, party style of Apex‘s rap “CRACK” is sure to be an interesting wondering what would it sound like.



Let’s go ahead and add another collection to the sin series. The next release for the sin collection will be “Greed”. Just about every two years Apex will add another sin to his  Pandora’s Box. First we had “Lust“, then “Wrath” and now we will have “Greed”. The set release date will be Oct 1st 2018 prepping it for Halloween month.

New-Studio-Logo_thumb.gif“CHANGING GEARS”


Remember when “I’m Just a Machine” (Apex mixtape) started hitting the air waves and it was like all the machines all over the world was having a party… We’ll it is rumored that Apex has recently been in the works on making vol 3 of “I’m Just an Machine”. Talk about moving none stop. Not just to the point that Apex works on his music and still works with other artist and managing his businesses; but where do you find time to actually work on your own music is the question. Knowing Apex he would have a smart answer for an reply.  As of right now there is no official release date seeing how the “CRACK EP” and “Greed” will be releasing this year. Currently the following artist will appear on “I’m Just an Machine Pt3”; Mr Mel the Riddler, KL Bridges, Insano, Yo Star, and Roski. I’m am sure that this list will grow because if this machine vol is anything like the others; there will be a different feature on every song. As more news develops we will keep you posted.

New-Studio-Logo_thumb.gif“Apex Films releasing more of 117 West Victoria”

If you haven’t checked out the 117 West Victoria short film produced by Apex then you might want too. This projected started out as a let’s see what happens when Apex gives you a taste of his mind. Directed by Apex him self with music back drops and sound effects from Johnny Storm and Apex Studio this is set to be a mini series of events which takes place at 117 West Victoria. The next episode is set to release June 1st 2018 and so far shooting the content without any script is how Apex loves to have it. Experience the super natural events which take place at 117 West Victoria as actor Vita Dixon witnesses the unknowns of the house alone with her cat Lavender. If you haven’t checked out the first episode please do so as the events will start to get out of hand. And be sure to link the video as well; which can be accessed up top.

New-Studio-Logo_thumb.gif“Apex Records Artist Roster”


As of this year we have re-signed Mr Mel the Riddler to a 5 year recording deal along with Jug Mane Tay and Insano Hood how both have distribution deals through Apex records. Check out the Artist page on the web site to read more about these artist. If any up and coming artist would like to submit a demo to Apex Records to be considered being signed please submit all demos to demosubmissions@a-pexstudio.com along with a bio and head shot along with 2 songs.

It's About Time!

by Dontavious Dixon on 09/12/17

It’s About Time!

P.O.V. by Mr Mel the Riddler is set to release

The long wait is over and Mr Mel the Riddler (Apex Records recording artist) will be releasing his album “P.O.V.” this October 2017. With this upcoming release there will also be video releases for his album as well. One of them which are out now for his song “Money’s the Mission” and another one coming soon. Following his album release will be his mixtape titled “M-Town”; which has been in the works for the last past 4 years. Check out his new video now titled “Money’s the Mission” and be sure to comment.


A new Birth

Recently everyone has heard the news about Apex Studio expanding its reach to further southern states and the first on the list is South Carolina. Apex has been putting in work in building the new studio and everything is just about in place. So far all of the recording equipment has been installed along with various mics. Up till now the construction has been minimal. Dontavious Dixon (owner of Apex Studio) wanted to insure that the same quality or better would come from this studio since it will be the biggest studio in which Apex Studio will have. So far we do not have any current images but Apex has released numerous images from late night sessions with new clients and some of the images of the new unfinished studio can be seen in Mr Mel the Riddlers new music video “Money’s the Mission“. As of late the only thing which has been on Apex’s mind is the last pieces of recording gear which is needed to finish off the recording side and the new instrument room before he decides to start putting up walls and running the rest of the audio lines. Be sure to stay tuned as we will get some more in depth video or pictures of Apex StudioSouth and when completed we can compare the gear to Apex Studio North.

New Music Playing Loud!

by Dontavious Dixon on 03/08/16

Play It Loud!
For Pleasure or Pain
Apex just released 2 new albums titled "Dark Sun Rising" and "For Pleasure or Pain"which was very unexpected. Both of these albums were thought to be released next year, but it seems as if a early release was put into place. Their are also rumors that he will be releasing 1 or 2 more albums this year as well for the sin series; which is set to be completed with the next 2 albums for October. Currently "For Pleasure or Pain" and "Dark Sun Rising" can be found at CD Baby and on Spotify and will soon hit every major global market.

Rated R
Not new to the game of music is Mr Mel the Riddler. He has just released his second album titled "Rated R" and will be following it up with a mixtape featuring non other than Apex him self. Talk about putting in work for #TeamNoSleep these 2 artist from Apex Records and setting records and pushing their talents to the limits. For those of you who loved "Riddle Me This"; "Rated R" is sure to captivate the listeners as the Riddler talks about past and previous relation ships along with his daily life. "Rated R" can be found in Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and every major market for music.

Going Live!

Going Live was a hit and the crowd loved it. Originally there were supposed to be 4 artist performing that night representing Apex Studio and Apex Records but instead only 2 performed. There was a late notice from Roc Deneiro that he wanted to perform, but couldn't meet the submission dead lines and Apex did not perform because he had to handle business with other situations. So the show opened up by Subliminal (unsigned talent) and then rocked out by Mr Mel the Riddler (Apex Records artist)  performing, just about every hit song from his new album "Rated R". Don't believe us just check out the video footage for yourself; "Going Live Show Footage"