Style:         East Coast
Genre:       Rap and Hip Hop
Location:   Spartanburg, SC
Profession:        Artist


Born in Long Island, NY but raised in Charlotte, NC Dontavious Dixon known to most as Apex da Opticsun, specializes in the production of Rap/Hip Hop and R&B music. He also writes and records his own songs from his in house recording studio (Apex Studio). At the age of 15 Dontavious began to write songs while in the mean time saving up money to buy his own recording equipment. After 2 years of writing and piecing together equipment he soon started recording music. Learning just the basics at first, it took him no time to produce and record his first album (Hellz apealyptic Killah). Selling his first album on the streets of Charlotte, NC he began to make a name for himself, which in return made him produce more albums in the years to come and meet many soon to be professionals in the music industry. Mild tempered and laid back is the type of attitude that Dontavious carries with him where ever he goes, but while writing and recording songs he releases an emotion that many artist to this day do not have. 

Working for these various music companies gave Dontavious a broader scope on the music business. From writing, song creation, recording procedures, business knowledge, and more. Recently he has been working on mix tapes with producers in Germany to expand his exposure to other countries and absorbing in the knowledge of different music styles. Focusing on what’s real and not following the trend that other artist set is what makes him unique. Now just a freelance producer and offering studio time to local talent through out Charlotte, NC Dontavious is now focusing on being a producer, but casually features on other artist albums. Realizing that music is not just music and it comes in many different sounds and genres, he now tries to widen his horizon by touching in on the filming industry making soundtracks.

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