Style:         East Coast
Genre:       Rap and Hip Hop
Location:   Spartanburg, SC
Profession:        Artist


Since 1998 to 2008 Dontavious has written/produced 6 independent records of his own (HellzapexalypticKillah, DNU, Mark of the Centipede, APEX, for Pleasure or Pain, and CRACK the DRD Edition). Besides just working on projects for himself Dontavious has produced for local/out of state talent, worked for various companies (3 Knotch Entertainment, M60 Records, Clock Work Entertainment, and Grand Imperial Entertainment), and performed shows in Charlotte, NC. Being employed by 3 Knotch Entertainment in the year of 1999; Dontavious engineered tracks, made graphic designs, produced tracks, and also worked with a up and coming group (Writer’s Block). Working for this company soon ended after 5 months because of money issues and payment arrangements were not being fulfilled by the company. From the year of 2001 to 2002 he worked for M60 Records as a producer, producing tracks for their artist. While at the same time doing freelance work for Clock Work Entertainment as a song writer for a Jamaican up and coming R&B singer. From 2005 to 2007 Dontavious began to do shows for Grand Imperial Entertainment. Opening up shows for out f town artist and performing with various local talent (Black Diamond, Southern Rebels, Ty Bru, Pete Worthy, Sugg, and many more).

Working for these various music companies gave Dontavious a broader scope on the music business. From writing, song creation, recording procedures, business knowledge, and more. Recently he has been working on mix tapes with producers in Germany to expand his exposure to other countries and absorbing in the knowledge of different music styles. Focusing on what’s real and not following the trend that other artist set is what makes him unique. Now just a freelance producer and offering studio time to local talent through out Charlotte, NC Dontavious is now focusing on being a producer, but casually features on other artist albums.

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