Style:         Down South
Genre:       Rap and Hip Hop
Location:  Charlotte, NC
Profession:        Artist


Born and raised in Charlotte, NC Mr. Mel the Riddler resides on Milton Road aka "M-Town". Known for his riddle punch lines and making you think twice about what he said; Mr. Mel captures the audience with metaphors and pure imagery. But within his youth years Mr. Mel didn't have the passion for the art of rapping not until he was a teenager; that's when everything really took a turn.

Putting together mix tapes with his brother Producer Dee; they both released mix tapes on the streets of Milton Road, Charlotte NC. One mix tape in general which showed everybody that he had the ability to rap and kill industry beats was "Horror Scope". You can catch Mr. Mel on tracks with Freddy Gee, Producer Dee, and Apex Da Opticsun. Not caring what type of artist he works with Mr. Mel loves to show is diversity when it comes to music. Slow beats, fast paced tracks, hypnotizing music, dirty south beats, or crunk music in general; Mr. Mel loves it all and will show you that he can display his talent on any beat.

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